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About Blitz Brigade Game

Blitz Brigade is an online team-based first-person shooter, with two "campaign" modes -- multiplayer and training. Training mode is an online single-player mode with 120 unlockable training missions. Multiplayer mode offers deathmatch and domination (capture) across 5 levels. A later update added a capture the flag mode. The player can play as one of 6 unlockable classes. The game feature two in-game currencies and new weapons can be purchased. The Shop is the main section of Blitz Brigade to buy your, weapons, vehicles and other items like consumables, taunts, greetings and kill signatures. At some point, there will be obstacles so you will have to buy Diamonds or Coins with real money. We are the Authentic Blitz Brigade Hack! We are here to give our customers Free and Real Blitz Brigade Diamons and Coins. Our goal is to provide you with Blitz Brigade resources including Diamons and Coins. We have a really fast delivery and you do not have to worry about being blocked! Our service is 100% safe and cannot be detected!

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